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Let’s Get Better


I like helping people. I don’t think there’s anything strange about that: it makes me feel better to make the people around me feel better.

You probably found my site because you’ve been struggling with stress for a long time. A muscle cramps somewhere, your back hurts or you’re having trouble sleeping. You want to get healthier or move more. It could also be that you simply want to be more confident and take life’s obstacles more easily. The good news is that you’re in the right place!

My Philosophy

The happier and healthier You

We live in a modern society where the stress levels are super high. Many people struggle to cope with life’s demands and inadvertently develop bad lifestyle habits that affect negatively their health.

People are also searching for happiness and looking for ways to improve their lives. With the world’s population aging, the growing demands of modern life require an overall improvement to health.

There is uncertainty on how to redress this imbalance, lead a healthier lifestyle, and disengage from bad habits. It sounds so simple, yet it can be very difficult without proper guidance and support.

This is exactly where we (You and I) can have a profound impact. My systematic approach helps you attain knowledge, tools and self-reliance to actively engage yourself in self-care and attain self-recognized health goals.


Aikido instructor


I started aikido in 1998 with the late Ferenc Gréger in Budapest, Hungary; I did aikido for a year and a half in the dojo of Claude Cabaret, Marc Bachraty and Christian Tissier in France. I trained in Japan at Honbu Dojo. On the recommendation of my masters Stéphane Goffin and Christian Tissier, I received the 5th Dan from Honbu Dojo in 2022.

Hatha yoga instructor (RYT 200)


I started yoga as a student because I was suffering from back pain. At Mandala Yoga Studio, I first completed the one-year spinal yoga and sports instructor course, followed by the 200-hour hatha yoga instructor course a few years later. I learned a lot about yoga, its philosophy and anatomy from Nadia Abdulwahab, Sarolta Juhász and István Malik Tóth.

Massage therapist


At EFEB, I received my 2-year basic training as a physiotherapist, which includes not only massage techniques, but also anatomy, nursing knowledge, balneology and pathology. I am constantly attending further training courses such as FDM (Fascia Distortion Manipulation) or Yumeiho massage.

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Aikido, yoga, massage therapy

Working methods for a fulfilled life.

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